Functional School Closures

Any school closures will be announced by email to the school community. Additional information can be found in the Jan 6th district email to parents and guardians and from your child's school. Please monitor your email regularly.


Where to Register:

2021/2022 School Year:

Kindergarten to Grade 5:  Registration occurs at the School Board Office, 2125 Keating Cross Road, Saanichton, BC

Grades 6 to 8:  Registration occurs at the School Board Office, 2125 Keating Cross Road, Saanichton, BC.

Grades 9 to 12:  Registration occurs at the secondary schools.  

2022/2023 School Year:

Kindergarten registration will take place at your neighbourhood school at designated times during January.  Please see the Early Learning page for more information.  

Starting January 31st, 2022, Registration for Middle (Grades 6-8) and Secondary (Grades 9-12) levels will take place at the schools.  Please check back for information on how to register students in Kindergarten to Grade 5. 


The Registration Process

Work/Study Permit Applicants:  Please contact the Saanich International Student Program on 

Parents / Guardians of children who are seeking placement at their neighbourhood in-catchment school are required to complete a standard registration form for each child.

In addition to completing this form, you must bring the following original documentation with you when you register your child:

1. Student Identification:

  • Original Birth Certificate or Valid Passport
  • Permanent residents or landed immigrants must also provide Permanent Resident Card or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship for parent and student

2.  Student BC Services Card

3.  Parent Identification:

  • Valid Passport or BC Driver's License and/or BC Services Card or BCID

4.  Any legal documentation regarding guardianship, custody or parenting time arrangements if applicable.

5. Proof of Residence:

These documents must contain proof of current address.

Home Owners

Please provide two of the following:
  • Home purchase agreement
  • Property tax statement
  • Home insurance policy
  • Property assessment
  • Utility bill (Hydro, Fortis, Cable)

Rental agreement signed by the landlord with landlord’s contact information
AND one of the following showing address:
  • Canadian bank or credit card statement
  • BC vehicle registration
  • Income Tax statement
  • BC Driver's licence and/or Parent BC Services Card or BCID
AND two of the following showing address:
  • Utility bill (Hydro, Fortis, Cable)
  • Canadian bank or credit card statement
  • BC vehicle registration
  • Income Tax statement
  • Renter’s insurance policy
  • BC Driver's license and/or Parent BC Services Card or BCID


Once all of the required information has been provided the District Placement Office will perform an assessment of available space and families will be notified as soon as a school placement is confirmed.

School Locator

Use our School Locator to look up your catchment-area school according to your home address.

Please note: While every effort has been made to provide accurate and current School Locator information, should there be any discrepancy, the final decision on catchment-area schools resides with the School District.

Residence Outside a School's Catchment Area

If you are seeking a placement for your child at a location other than your catchment-area school, you are required to follow the process outlined above as well as complete an 'Out of Catchment Area Application' form.


When all required information has been provided, your child's name will be added to the waitlist for the appropriate grade level at the school of your choosing. This process takes somewhat longer as the school will not confirm placement for "out of catchment" students until in-catchment families have been accommodated.

Placement is done on a first-come, first-served basis on the following enrollment priorities:

  1. Re-enrolling students (A child who, in the previous year, attended the school)
  2. Siblings of re-enrolling students
  3. Catchment area children
  4. Non-catchment children
  5. Out of district children

Once registered in a school, students will be treated as if they were "in-catchment". This will also apply in transitioning from elementary school to middle school to secondary school. Parents residing out-of-catchment who are registering the sibling of a child currently attending the school are considered in catchment and should register at the school of attendance. Please note the sibling rule only applies if the older sibling is still attending the school when the youngest enters. Once school placement is confirmed, the receiving school will contact the family.

For catchment area information, please use the "School Locator" button above or contact the School District Office.

What Happens If Space Is Not Available?

While every effort is made to place children who wish to attend their neighborhood school, occasionally it becomes necessary to explore alternate placements when class sizes reach their maximum. Please be assured that all other options are thoroughly explored before making such a decision. Every effort is made to secure a school as close as possible to the in-catchment school.

Where Can I Obtain Additional Information?

School District 63 (Saanich) - District Student Placement Office
2125 Keating Cross Road
Saanichton, BC V8M 2A5
Phone: (250) 652-7300
Fax (250) 652-6421
E-mail: (during regular school hours)