Strategic Plan 2022-2027 - Consultation Survey

A Board’s Strategic Plan is designed to be a living document, based on evidence, that provides the school district with focus areas on which to improve student achievement.  It uses data to measure student improvement over time and is part of the planning cycle involving budget priorities and operational decisions.

A visual representation of this strategic planning process can be found HERE.

Based on a review of provincial, district and school-level evidence, the Board has narrowed its focus to three areas designed to improve student success in Saanich Schools:

  • Literacy
  • Indigenous Learner Success
  • Mental Health and Wellness

A summary of various provincial reports on student achievement in Saanich can be found HERE.  

Our district’s 2021-22 Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL) report with examples of local data can be found HERE.

These three identified themes form the basis of the Board’s consultation with staff, students, parents/guardians and the broader community. There is space for your comments about each theme should you wish to comment on one, two or all three of them.

Please note that there is also an area for you to suggest other evidence-driven areas for the Board’s consideration in its next Strategic Plan.


Rationale: The correlation between student success and early literacy intervention is clear.  It is essential that early literacy instruction is prioritized.

Indigenous Learner Success

Rationale: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has called for us to recognize our moral imperative to have an educational system where we address achievement gaps for Indigenous students-to engage in educational practices where we protect the right to Indigenous languages, where students to not encounter barriers or systemic racism, and graduate with dignity, purpose and options.

Mental Health and Wellness

Rationale: Schools are the first step in the pathway of care, and they support mental health promotion by building resilience, creating supportive learning environments , and addressing barriers to positive mental health and wellness.