Theme Two - Diversity and Inclusion

Key to the success of students is ensuring that we respect diversity and create climates of genuine inclusion for students and staff alike, where equity arises from opportunity irrespective of each individual’s life or personal circumstances. In a diverse and inclusive society, or school district, differences are respected and unique needs are both understood and supported whether for a type of vulnerability or challenge or in service to unique gifts and talents. We recognize that all students have needs, and all students have gifts. It is our job to ensure that our schools mirror the diversity that exists in our classrooms by nurturing cultures where all are respected, their challenges are supported and their gifts are activated.


Students of Indigenous ancestry will be respected and supported in their school experiences consistent with the goals and aspirations of the WSANEC, Other First Nations, Metis and Inuit Enhancement Agreement. That support will extend to non-Indigenous students as described throughout the agreement, particularly as it relates to increased understanding and respect for Indigenous cultures and history.



The district will meet the outcomes described in the Local Education Agreement.


The district will meet the goals outlined in the WSANEC, Other First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education Enhancement Agreement.


The district will attain parity between the number of Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners graduating from Saanich Schools.

Students with challenges, ranging from mental health concerns to learning disabilities to social-emotional needs to physical or medical needs, and students with gifts and talents, will be supported in fully inclusive classrooms that attend to their needs.



The district will develop and maintain a streamlined and comprehensive support process for student and staff mental wellness.


The district, in collaboration with educators, parents and students, will explore ways to reduce the amount of documentation currently required in order to increase the direct support to students with unique needs.


The district will ensure that supports for students with unique needs are available and properly utilized within the school and district.


The district will build capacity and understanding of all staff in order to better support students with challenging behaviours.

School communities and classrooms will reflect the diversity that exists within the student population and society at large. While embracing the strengths and challenges of all learners Saanich Schools, in partnership with parents, will enhance an existing culture of caring and belonging. Students will be engaged in meaningful and supported learning environments that build on their strengths, support areas of challenge and treat each student with dignity and respect.



The district will ensure that educators are familiar with, and use, the principles and practice of universal design for learning to support the range of student diversity.


The district will ensure that students’ diverse experiences, perspectives and knowledge are respected and honoured by staff in Saanich Schools.


The district will ensure a sense of belonging for every member of the school community.


Students with exceptionalities will demonstrate age appropriate skills and confidence in speaking for themselves and making their own decisions.