Theme One - Student Success

Our key work is ensuring that every student experiences every possible success, with success having individual meaning valuing whatever accomplishments that make the most sense for each student and his or her family at that time. For some that means excelling in academics, service, athletics, performing arts, practical skills or leadership. For others success means simply getting to school and managing through challenging social, emotional or health issues. And for some students success includes meeting the goals of an individual or personalized learning plan. All students will graduate with the necessary academic and social skills needed to pursue their goals. Learning in Saanich should be engaging, relevant, meaningful and life-enhancing.


All students will graduate with the necessary academic and social skills needed to pursue their passions and goals.



Students will continuously improve their literacy skills as they develop skills necessary for future success.


Students will continuously improve their numeracy skills as they develop skills necessary for future success.


Students will be positive contributors and citizens in our local and global communities.


Students will graduate with a growth mindset that will inspire them for future learning.

Students will be active and engaged learners, evidenced by self-regulated commitment and genuine interest.



Students will report high degrees of engagement in their learning activities.


Students will personalize their learning in ways that meet their unique needs and interests.


Students will see the connection, relevance and real life applications of literacy and numeracy.


All students will demonstrate age appropriate skills and confidence in speaking for themselves and making their own decisions.

Students will experience learning in a wide variety of ways including those that are envisioned by the BC curriculum. Current research will inform and influence our decisions and practice, including the use of modern technologies in ways that are safe and appropriate.



Teachers will be supported in implementing new curriculum with a blend of proven long-standing practices as well as innovative practices including personalized learning, inquiry-based approaches and aboriginal ways of knowing.


The district will use data and research in order to guide decisions on district initiatives.


The district will review and refine its district technology plan annually to ensure that it is current and supports innovative practices.

As stated in the definition of student success, students achieve personal success in a variety of ways, at different times, and with differing levels of supports. To ensure that all students will achieve success, students will have equitable access to resources and opportunities to help them meet their personal goals and achieve success.



The district will develop and implement programs, courses and structures that provide equitable opportunities for access and success for all students.


The district will maintain existing and establish new partnerships with institutions, organizations or agencies that provide valuable, meaningful, and relevant services or opportunities to all students.


The district will develop, maintain, and refine policies that support the equitable treatment of students.