Theme Four - Operational Excellence

In support of student success being evident every day, the district will ensure that the organization is functioning at a high level. This means having finances in order, facilities being at their best, modern technologies being deployed effectively throughout the system, environmental sustainability being front and centre, and human resources working in service to employees.


The district will be seen to be an equal opportunity employer of choice within the BC public education sector and the South Island through a focus on employee health and wellness and productive and professional relationships with our unions and individual employees.



The district will demonstrate continuous improvement of our staffing and employment practices in terms of their effectiveness, efficiency, fairness, transparency and client friendliness.


The district will demonstrate an increased range of supports for employees to facilitate high levels of engagement, work-life balance and resolution of their personal and professional issues.


The district will demonstrate a strong organizational culture focused on leadership, accountability and continuous learning and improvement.


The district will operate in ways that are consistent with the Board’s adopted employment equity definition.

The facilities department will demonstrate strong fiscal responsibility and continuous improvement in facilities management, all within an overall operation that sustains district direction while providing a positive learning environment for student successes.



Facilities leadership staff will demonstrate an understanding of the district strategic plan and continuous improvement processes.


Facilities leadership staff will demonstrate principled leadership, integrity and ownership of actions.


Employees will be empowered to make improvements within an overall focus on enhancing student success.


Staff will be trained and supported to offer exceptional service and to continually improve service delivery by using a combination of new and proven approaches.

The finance department will serve as stewards of the school district’s financial resources in an effective and sustainable way in support of school district operations and student success, and with senior staff will support the Board’s advocacy for adequate funding for public education.



Decision makers, including trustees and staff, will be provided the financial management support they need to make informed decisions and identify key risks.


Budgeting and planning will be based on accurate and timely information, will invite and respect the involvement of stakeholders, and will be aligned with the strategic plan, facilities plans and other important operational plans.


Financial systems will operate effectively including ensuring that transactions are appropriate, financial performance and risks are monitored, assets are safeguarded and accurate financial information is produced.


The operational effectiveness and efficiency of financial processes will be improved continuously.

The information technology (IT) department will ensure the effective use of information technology in support of the school district and student success.



The IT department will deliver information technology products and services that meet the needs of staff and students.


The IT department will provide strong leadership in planning for effective uses of technology.


The IT department will provide a robust, reliable and secure information technology infrastructure that is continuously improving.


The IT department will develop and retain quality information technology professionals and enable communications and collaboration among information technology professionals and users of information technology in the district.

The introduction to this strategic plan includes an overview of Board level priorities including values, beliefs, vision, philosophy, mission, governance and leadership. Each of these overviews is worthy of ongoing review. Stated as a goal, the Board and senior leadership will be answerable to employees, students and partners in adhering to these ideals.



The Board will demonstrate consistency with its declared values and beliefs in its actions and its decision-making processes.


The Board will demonstrate consistency with its declared vision, philosophy and mission in its actions and its decision-making processes.


The school district will demonstrate leadership practices consistent with the leadership definitions published in the Board’s strategic plan.


The Board, supported by senior staff, will be effective advocates for adequate levels of provincial funding for public education.