Flags at Half-Mast

Canadian and BC flags have been lowered to half-mast at all school district sites in recognition of the death of former Prime Minister, the Right Honourable John Napier Wyndham Turner P.C., C.C., Q.C. The flags will remain at half-mast until Sept 27th and then lowered again on Oct 6, 2020 for his state funeral.

A Vision for Learning Services

Saanich Schools have a rich history of supporting student learning through the provision of district-level resources. The work of Learning Services is guided by three key documents:
  • The principles of Learning
  • First Peoples Principles of Learning, and
  • The Principles of Inclusion

Our aim is to provide high quality resources and supports to our schools, families and in particular, our students. Our vision is for every student to complete their public education as a learner who is fully enabled to succeed. In order for this to occur, our students must have three key things. The first is a sense of belonging, or connection to their school(s) and teachers. When students feel that they are valued and connected they are more likely to engage in the learning process and risk trying new things. Secondly, students must feel a sense of competence in their abilities. For some students, competence comes naturally, for others, they must build on "small pockets of success" in order to gradually develop this competence. Finally, students must gain a sense of self-determination. In other words, they need a positive sense of their world and that they have an important place in it. These three factors; belonging, competence and self-determination, all come together to create the "fully enabled learner".

Learning Services is dedicated to the fulfillment of our vision through the provision of high quality learning services for students with diverse abilities, the development of strong literacy skills, and for our W̱SÁNEĆ and other Indigenous learners.