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Welcome to Kindergarten! Our Kindergarten programs offer:

  • Teachers who are knowledgable in early childhood development
  • Engaging learning opportunities through play
  • Optimal learning environments for the success of every child
  • Rich literacy and numeracy experiences

Kindergarten Resources


What is a StrongStart Centre?

A program that provides opportunities for early learning through play in an environment carefully designed to support exploration, discovery, and language.

A program that recognizes the importance of close parent and caregiver relationships in a child's life and offers support for adults in their role, and the opportunity to build community connections.

A program that recognizes children as natural learners and offers opportunities for physical, social, intellectual and emotional learning through active participation of parents and caregivers and the early childhood educator.


December 2020 until further notice

The Saanich School District would like to thank all families for their patience and support as we worked through the challenges and logistics of opening StrongStart.  We are very happy to announce that Strong Start is open for in-person programming for small groups of families.

These programs are conducted by qualified early childhood educators who lead a variety of learning activities designed to support children on their learning path before they enter school.

The current schedule will be :

Brentwood Elementary
(Currently Full)

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings 9:30-10:30AM
Friday Afternoons 1:15-2:15PM

Brentwood Protocols
Lochside Elementary
(Currently Full)

Monday /Wednesday/Friday mornings 9:30-10:30 am

Lochside Protocols
Sidney Elementary Tuesday/Thursday 9:15-10:15AM Sidney Protocols


Registration and Application Information

Please read the details below carefully before applying:

  1. Families will only be able to apply to attend StrongStart for one day a week for the offered consecutive weeks.  **please note, that because of contact tracing students will need to attend each week on the same day (i.e. only Mondays) 
  2. Space will be limited.  Families that do not get in will be waitlisted for the next sessions.
  3.  The Application to Attend is live and consistently added to any waitlists or contacted for spaces available.  Please complete one application per child.
  4. All families who are accepted to attend a StrongStart must complete a StrongStart Registration Form.  Bring your completed registration form to the StrongStart Centre you are accepted to.

Health and Safety Information

 In addition to the links above, we ask that you:

  • Have only one caregiver present with the child.  Needs to be the same caregiver from week to week.
  • complete a Daily Health Check BEFORE they arrive at the StrongStart Centre.
  • Have all adults wear a mask (recommended)
  • maintain physical distance from other adults and children in the program.
  • minimize physical contact with others as much as possible.
  • review the school based protocols carefully prior to entering the StrongStart center

Please note: the StrongStart programs follow the school calendar and will be closed on the same day as the schools. Please refer to the school websites for up to date schedules, centre closures and information.

Lisa Kinshella
District Instructional Support Teacher Early Literacy, Strong Start
c/o Carolynn Ablitt, District Secretary

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