Functional School Closures

Any school closures will be announced by email to the school community. Additional information can be found in the Jan 6th district email to parents and guardians and from your child's school. Please monitor your email regularly.

Community Use

The Community Use Department is responsible for public access to district schools including classrooms and gymnasiums, playing fields and parking lots. Please check our booking system to see information about our facilities and to check availability. To apply for rental, please submit your completed application form at least 15 calendar days in advance of the rental date.

7:30am–3:00pm, Monday to Friday
(250) 652-7342
(250) 652-9433
Emergency Phone
(250) 514-7461


Indoor Facilities School In School Out
Classroom $17.25/hr. $20.75/hr.
Elementary school gym $21.50/hr. $33.00/hr.
Middle/secondary school gym $35.25/hr. $53.50/hr.
Deep Cove Elementary multi-purpose room $25.00/hr $30.00/hr.
Keating Elementary multi-purpose room $21.50/hr. $25.75/hr.
ḰELSET Elementary multi-purpose room $35.50/hr. $43.50/hr.
Middle/secondary school multi-purpose room $72.00/hr. $84.00/hr.
Claremont Secondary choir room $21.50/hr. $25.75/hr.
Showers $50.00 per session
Outdoor Facilities Rate
Non-irrigated playing fields $15.50/hr
Irrigated playing fields $23.50/hr
Parking lots Contact us
Tracks Contact us


  • The rate listed in the School In column applies Monday through Friday when school is in session. The rate listed in the School Out column applies on all other days.
  • The listed rates apply to non-profit usage. The rate for commercial usage is the non-profit rate multiplied by 3.
  • The listed rates do not include applicable taxes.
  • Indoor facilities may be subject to custodial costs not included in the listed rate.
  • Our Facilities are not rented out for Community Dances/Parties or Alcohol licensing & consumption.
  • Kitchens are used for school educational purposes only and not for third party usage. 

Additional charges

$8.50 each (plus cartage)
$0.90 each (plus cartage)
Staff supervision
$25.00/hr (min. 4 hours)
Any event that occurs when there is no staff in the school or has over 125 people in attendance requires District supervisory staff.
Gym floor covering
$90.00 per day (plus cartage)
Any non-athletic event held in a gym may require the floor to be covered.
Floor hockey surcharge
Cancellation charge
10% of total
To avoid the cancellation charge, please give us at least 10 days notice of cancellation.
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