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December 2014 Superintendent's Newsletter: What's New In The Saanich School District

Trustee Elections

On November 15, 2014 our school district experienced a very welcome first, in that in all four of our electoral zones we had candidates competing for seats on our Board of Education. Having no candidates acclaimed into positions is a sign of voter and community interest in public education, and for that we are all grateful.

Looking Forward with Hope and Confidence

At the writing of this newsletter we are one month into the school year and from all reports settling in very nicely after an uncertain and late start. Classes are well underway and our teachers, support staff and administrators continue to focus on supporting children in establishing patterns of success and building strong and positive social groups. To parents we express our appreciation to all of you for your patience as routines continue to be developed and school expectations continue to be reinforced.

A Bit Late, But a Stellar Start

To the credit of our staff, students and parents, Saanich schools are flying. I've had the chance to visit all of our schools and have seen students focused and engaged in ways that normally would take a couple of weeks to become evident. Students have clearly been chomping at the bit, and they appear to be happy to be back. The same can be said of our teachers and support staff, and our administrators, having been in and working hard to get things ready, should be proud of the work that they have done to prepare schools for the rapid re-start.

Message from our Superintendent

Welcome to a new school year in Saanich. While we are all looking forward to another year of connections, learning and engagement, we clearly have a hurdle or two to clear before we are fully up and rolling. Front and centre in everyone's mind is our collective hope for a resolution to teacher bargaining and a full and regular start-up on September 2nd. That hope is tempered, however, by our keen awareness of and respect for the processes that are currently underway, and the knowledge that those processes may or may not lead to labour peace by September 1st.