General news and announcements

Global Perspectives at Stelly's Secondary

This is the third year that Stelly's has been helping the village of Mankhu. Two years ago, it helped purchase land for a abused women in the Himalayas. Last March, 29 Grade 12 students from Stelly's traveled to Nepal to help build a shelter. By filling earthbags with dirt, flatting them into rectangles and connecting them with barbed wire, the students helped construct a 1200 square feet building with rooms for four families.

Ministry Announcement: New Kindergarten to Grade 9 Curriculum Framework for feedback

Parents and community are encouraged to go to in order to become familiar with the new proposed K-9 curriculum. To better understand the way changes are occurring it may be helpful to look at one of the subject areas. For example the website provides a sample of the new features in the area of Social Studies. The proposed Social Studies curriculum has four important new features:

World Youth Climbing Championships at Boulders - Stelly's Secondary

This past summer, Stelly's in collaboration with Boulders Climbing Gym hosted the World Youth Climbing championships. The event featured 458 competitors from all around the world. The championships were run over 5 gloriously sunny days in August with close to 2000 spectators each day. Many Stelly's students could be seen volunteering their time during the summer to help the event run smoothly.

TASK - Trades Awareness Skills and Knowledge - SD63 Saanichton Community Learning Centre

The TASK training program was launched this fall at our SD63 Saanichton Community Learning Centre.

TASK is a 5 month career program, (semester one) designed to introduce students to a wide array of trade awareness activities. Students participate in a series of technical training modules that examine some of the following trade areas:

Terry Fox Run at Royal Oak Middle School

All students of Royal Oak Middle School participated in the 33rd annual Terry Fox run on Thursday, September 26th. Students wore red and white to demonstrate their support and each were challenged to bring in $2 to support cancer research. The grade 8 leadership studies students helped support this successful event.

Marine Restoration and Boat Repair at Parkland Secondary

The Marine Restoration and Boat Repair Academy at Parkland Secondary was recently featured in <em>Taproot,</em> a local newsletter produced by Parkland alumni Jan and Lars Nielsen (owners of West Wind Hardwood Inc. in Sidney) and Lars' wife Shelley. Thanks for the local support!

Important Mesage to Parents, Students, and Staff Regarding the District Email System

This past week the district was hit with another phishing attack on our email system. As a result the district email system has been denied service by several email providers including Shaw. Schools and teachers will not be able to send email to parents and students who have Shaw accounts until the 25th of April. If you need to communicate with your school or teacher it will be necessary to phone the school directly until email services have been restored.