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Superintendent's Update September 12

Strike Update

As you know, the strike has run through September 12 and is likely to continue into the week of September 15. Our trustees and management staff are acutely aware of the challenges that this creates for students, parents and all of our unionized staff who we know want nothing more than to be back working with children and families. As district and school management staff we are focused on three things:

Week of September 8th - Update

As of Monday, September 8th, we are unfortunately finding ourselves in the same position as last week. The BCTF and government remain at impasse in bargaining and our teachers therefore continue on the picket lines while we all continue to hope that a resolution can be found. In the meantime, we urge parents and other citizens to be stay up to date with current information via the media and the parties' web sites: and

Strike Update and Information for Parents re Resources

Five items to share today...

Friday, September 5th Study Session

We have received word from the Saanich Teachers' Association that on Friday, September 5th, STA members will not be mounting picket lines in the district. All STA members will instead be expected to attend a study session at the Mary Winspear Centre followed by a demonstration to which CUPE employees who are on-call or not assigned to work that day have been invited. All CUPE employees who are scheduled to work on Friday should report to work at their usual location for their scheduled shift.

Returning to School September 2014 - Possibilities

As we prepare for a return to school we continue to be hopeful for a prompt resolution to the labour dispute between teachers and government. When an agreement is reached we look forward to re-engaging in our collective passions of learning, teaching and supporting children and families. That said, as we move into the long weekend and toward the scheduled start of school it is clear that Tuesday, September 2 will not be the start of school that we had all hoped for. Our plan, therefore, will be as follows:

School Start-Up and Strike News

As we move toward the first week of September we now have some clarity about how this last week of August will play out. With appreciation to the Saanich Teachers' Association (the local arm of the BC Teachers Federation) for continuing to inform the district about pending job action, this week's news is that the STA will erect picket lines in front of the School Board Office on Keating Cross Road on Tuesday, August 26, and Thursday, August 28.

2013 Carbon Neutral Action Report

Executive Summary

Message Regarding Report Cards

As directed by BCPSEA and the Labour Relations Board, school districts are not yet in a position to provide report cards to students due to the labour dispute. However, students are assured that marks for Grade 10,11 and 12 courses are currently being entered into the system and will be sent to the Ministry of Education by July 11. There are no marks or report cards for Kindergarten to Grade 9. In the event that we receive direction to produce report cards for Grade 10 to 12, we will do so and inform parents about pick-up through this website.