Functional School Closures

Any school closures will be announced by email to the school community. Additional information can be found in the Jan 6th district email to parents and guardians and from your child's school. Please monitor your email regularly.

Message to Parents/Guardians - Unseasonably Warm Temperatures (June 27 2021)

Good afternoon parents and guardians,

We know that this unseasonable ‘heat dome’ in BC has created some concern about school temperatures as we head into the last 2 days of school.  I want to take a few minutes to share with you what we are doing so that you can make an informed decision about whether you will be sending your children to school on Monday.

All of our schools have HVAC systems which circulate the air in the buildings, however, they do not have chilling capabilities.  In anticipation of this heat we are utilizing this air circulation to have a complete exchange of air to bring early morning air into our buildings.  To keep the air temperature as low as possible we are reminding staff to keep windows and blinds closed so that the warmer exterior air is not drawn into the building.  This should allow for the interior to be several degrees cooler than outside, however, it will definitely be warmer than usual in our schools.  Activities may be adjusted to ensure that children stay as cool as possible. 

Please consider packing a water bottle for your children and snacks that have a liquid component (e.g. oranges).  It is important that they stay hydrated.  The BCCDC has additional information on warm weather safety during the pandemic – you can find this information HERE.

However, if you feel that it is best for you to keep your children at home on Monday due to the anticipated warm temperatures please do so. 

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this most unusual school year.


Dave Eberwein
Superintendent & CEO, Saanich Schools