Support Staff Bargaining Update – November 17, 2019

The Board is very pleased to report that the agreement has now been ratified by both CUPE 441 and the Board of Education.

This ratified agreement is consistent with the province’s Sustainable Services Negotiating Mandate and reflects the following changes in relation to the employer’s previous offer tabled on November 5th and published on November 6, 2019.

  1. CHANGE - Article 27.05 (Banding) – The ratified agreement reflects option 1 for banding as was tabled September 13, 2019, versus option 2 tabled on November 5, 2019. With this change, the number of bands remains the same, but the placement of the bands differs slightly.  For most positions, this results in small changes to the wage increases. With option 1, the percentage wage increase for education assistants (job 51) increases to 13.0% over the life of the collective agreement (versus 12.8% with banding option 2).
  2. NEW - Letter of Understanding (LOU) 28 Unallocated JE Funds – in the event the provincial joint job evaluation committee allocates excess job evaluation funds to the district, this LOU clarifies that the district and union will meet to discuss allocation of those funds prior to distribution.
  3. NEW - Letter of Understanding (LOU) 29 Employee Strike Support – This LOU clarifies that the provisions of Appendix A of the Provincial Framework Agreement will continue to apply to members of CUPE 441.
  4. NEW - Letter from BCPSEA to CUPE 441 - in this letter BCPSEA has agreed to make certain recommendations to the provincial joint job evaluation (JE) committee, clarifying how BCPSEA expects the job evaluation process will be conducted.