Kindergarten French Immersion Lottery

Due to the popularity of the French Immersion program and limited space, a lottery will be used to determine placement for new FI Kindergarten registrations.

Registration requests received at your FI catchment school during Kindergarten Registration Week Monday, January 28 to Friday, February 1, 2019 will be included in the lottery.

The lottery will follow Saanich Schools enrolling priorities:

  1. re-enrolling students (not applicable to new Kindergarten students)
  2. siblings of re-enrolling students
  3. catchment area children
  4. non-catchment children
  5. out of district children

Registration Process:

1. Saanich School District has now updated the document requirements for registration. Please see the Registration page for new documentation required to register your child.

2. Submit registration form and all required documents to your French Immersion catchment school

  • Deep Cove Elementary – Deep Cove, Sidney, and KELSET
  • Keating Elementary – Keating, Brentwood, Cordova Bay, Lochside and Prospect Lake
  • If you are requesting a school which is out of your catchment area, please complete an Out of Catchment Area Application K-Grade 5 form and submit this with your package.

The lottery process will be conducted on a school by school basis and a waitlist will be established accordingly.

Only applications where all original supporting documentation has been received by the deadline of 3 pm on Friday February 1 will be included in the lottery. Applications received after February 1, 2019 will not be included in the lottery process but will be added to a waitlist according to Saanich Schools enrolling priorities.

Approximately 10 days after registration closes, families to whom offers are made will be contacted by email.

Please see the link below for more information on the lottery process.