Saanich Schools – Opening the Door to Opportunity

Our schools, like our world, have changed over the years – today Saanich schools have opened new doors of learning not possible just a few short years ago. Our innovative learning opportunities of new courses, programs and academies engage the learner like never before allowing them to follow an incredible array of new interests and passions.

Our students are actively engaged in the new curriculum, assisted with new technology and tools that make learning fun, relevant and future focussed. The future is being taught today in Saanich public schools.


New Student Registration

Registration for elementary students (Kindergarten to Gr 5) happens at the Saanich School District offices:

  • 2125 Keating Cross Rd, Saanichton – 8:00am to 4:00pm, Mon-Fri


Registration for middle and secondary students happens at:

  • Middle schools (Gr 6-8): North Saanich, Bayside, Royal Oak
  • Secondary schools (Gr 9-12): Claremont, Parkland, Stelly’s, SIDES, ILC


How to Register


  • Visit the Saanich School District website for complete registration information including school locations and contact information:
  • Our website indicates what documents you will need to bring with you to complete the registration process. Please ensure you have them when you arrive.
  • Registration is closed on Labour Day Monday.