Recent Supreme Court Decision; New Teachers to be Hired

The Ministry of Education and the BC Teachers Federation have recently reached an agreement that will add over 1000 teachers to the education system in BC. For Saanich this means we will soon be able to hire 12 to 13 new teachers, some in specialist support positions and some in classrooms.

The funds coming to Saanich will be our share of a $50 million provincial allocation to BC school districts as an interim measure while we await the outcome of provincial negotiations arising from the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision. That decision reinstated class size and composition language from the 2001 collective agreement.

The School District and the Saanich Teachers' Association have established a joint committee and are working together to identify our priorities. We are hopeful that we can have additional teachers hired and working before the end of January. We look forward to welcoming these new teachers as we continue to offer programs and services that allow our students to thrive.

Please click here to see the letter from the Superintendent.