Fall Message

As we move into the fall I want to again welcome students and families who are new to the Saanich School District where we live and breathe our core values of compassion, honesty, fairness, respect and responsibility.

I am pleased to let readers know that our district-wide focus on student engagement is paying off. Teachers report that their new, personalized and innovative practices are making a real difference with students feeling a greater sense of connection to school and learning. With that connection comes what the research states clearly is the number one attribute of good learning, that being the making of personal meaning about whatever is being learned. In Saanich those keys of learning begin with core academics in which our students excel, but extend into areas that truly energize people and communities, including fine and performing arts, athletics, community service, social responsibility and appropriate, safe, high-end use of modern technologies. My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who are doing so much to support children, families and public education which, as we know, is the true foundation of a healthy society.