Welcome to our new District Web Page

I am delighted to share this message with you as part of the launch of our new website. While the most obvious change is the look, including the graphics and the way the website is laid out, what you will experience as a user is a much more vibrant and interactive environment. You will see more frequent updates of key information and we hope that you will find information easier to access and manage. All of this is due to the fine work of our technology team led by our Director of Information Technology, Gregg Ferrie. Our team is looking forward to getting feedback through the small survey on the main page or through email or personal contact.

As we plan for next year, our students, staff, parents and community partners are excited about the countless successes that children experience every day in Saanich public schools. We invite anyone to visit our wonderful schools, including any of our eight elementary schools, three middle schools, three neighbourhood secondary schools, Individual Learning Centre, Children's Development Centre or South Island Distance Education School. Everywhere you go in our district you will see students excited about learning, parents involved with their schools, and staff members deeply committed to 21st century learning.