Administrative Procedure 218



The District recognizes and values the importance of physical and health education as part of a student’s educational program.  The District understands that in some cases, especially involving medical issues, students may require an adaptation or exemptions from certain parts of the physical and health education curriculum in order to meet their needs as learners.

Ministry Policy requires that all students in Kindergarten to Grade 10 participate in a physical and health education program.  Consistent with the Principles of Learning, a physical and health education program can be adapted to meet student needs and to attend to considerations regarding medical conditions and student safety.


  1. Students who are enrolled in physical and health education classes will participate in the full program except when specific medical conditions prohibit or restrict activity.
  2. Requests for adaptations to the physical education program or exemption from part of the program must be accompanied by current medical direction/advice or by a written parental request supported by relevant documentation from a health care provider.
  3. Students and families must be advised of the procedures regarding adaptations and exemptions to the physical and health education program for medical conditions at the beginning of the term/year, and/or upon identification of a medical issue.
  4. Adaptations or exemptions for medical needs are to be based upon consultation with parents and medical professionals to best meet the needs of the student.
  5. The physical education teacher shall provide the student with appropriate adaptations or alternative activities, taking into account any short-term medical issues that have been outlined in writing by the student’s health care provider.
  6. Medical conditions that result in long-term adaptations or exemptions to the physical and health education program will be dealt with by consulting the physical education teacher, student and medical professional.
  7. Confidentiality in the medical professional-patient relationship will be respected at all times.
  8. At all times, staff must ensure that dignity and respect for the student are maintained.
  9. Each Principal will ensure these steps are available to parents upon request.
  10. As appropriate, the physical and health education teacher and Principal will consult the school-based team on student needs.
  11. Appeals regarding this process and/or the decision of the physical health and education teacher and school-based team will be considered in accordance with Board Policy 16 - Appeals Bylaw.



  • Sections 17, 20, 22, 65, 85 School Act
  • Health Act
  • School Regulation 265/89
  • Daily Physical Activity Kindergarten to Grade 12


  • November 2020