Administrative Procedure 290 - Appendix


External research being conducted in the District must be undertaken in keeping with the provisions of Administrative Procedure 290 – Research in Schools and by the District. In regard to informed consent of participants, Clause 1.11 says as follows:

Informed consent for participating staff members or parents on behalf of children will be by signature on a form (see Appendix for details) that describes the research proposal in full, including the purpose and plan for the research as well as an explanation of any implications that the proposed research would have on the learning environment and the well-being of any children who will be involved, whether directly or peripherally.

The form that parents and/or staff are asked to review and sign, whether the form is from a university, a researcher, or the school, must include an overview of at least:

  1. Names of the researcher, university and university supervisor.
  2. An overview of the research and why it is of interest or importance.
  3. A copy of Post Secondary Ethics Approval.
  4. A statement that participation is voluntary and that participation can be withdrawn at any time without consequence.
  5. A statement that participants will not be judged or evaluated in regard to their response and that at no time will they be at risk of harm.
  6. An indication of the time commitment that is being requested of participants.
  7. Notice that participants will need to consent to interviews or observations being recorded and/or transcribed, and that participants will be able to withdraw that consent at any time during the research.
  8. Confirmation that only the researcher and supervisor will have access to the data as collected prior to findings being ascertained.
  9. Confirmation that if results are published or shared there will be no identification of participants.
  10. An offer to share final research findings with participants and how to access those findings.
  11. The names and contact information of the research and the university supervisor.
  12. An overview of the data being collected and how the data will be stored, secured and eventually disposed of.



  • Sections 20, 22, 65, 75, 85 School Act


  • November 2020