Administrative Procedure 201



The curriculum will meet the requirements established by the School Act, the Regulation, and the directives of the Ministry of Education. The provincially prescribed curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education forms the basic program for all students.  In addition, as permitted under the School Act, the District will provide a number of locally developed courses designed to allow individual schools to be responsive to the particular needs of students in their communities.

The District is focused on continuous improvement for all students, and promotes the BC Ministry of Education’s vision to support students through quality teaching, student centered learning, future orientation, the creation of healthy environments and high and measurable standards.


  1. Various instructional programs – elementary, middle and secondary – are to be developed with the view toward creating a balanced, integrated, and carefully sequenced curriculum that will serve the educational needs of all students in the District.
  2. The District shall support school staffs in developing learning resources to facilitate implementation of new and revised curricula and to respond to local needs for curricular materials.
  3. The District supports a reciprocal relationship with other educational jurisdictions, wherein locally developed curriculum materials are shared.



  • Sections 17, 20, 22, 65, 75, 85, 168 School Act
  • School Regulation 268/89
  • Board Authorized Course Order M285/04
  • Education Program Guide Order M333/99


  • November 2020