Half-Masting of Flags

In recognition of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Sept 30th) all Saanich Schools flags will be lowered to half-mast on the evening of Sept 29 and raised again the morning of Oct 1st.

Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

The Disposition Document is meant to be a summary of the alignment of previous bylaws, policies and administrative procedures with the new policies, bylaws and administrative procedures.

The Board of Education has completed a comprehensive revision of the District’s Policy Manual. After more than a year of consultation, review and revision, the Board formally approved the revised Policy Handbook at its November 18, 2020 meeting. The Board of Education also received a new Administrative Procedures Manual.

Board Policies & Administrative Procedures can be searched by using keywords in the above search field

BOARD POLICY HANDBOOK – Board Policies are those documents that provide broad governance objectives.

ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES MANUAL – Administrative Procedures are operational guidelines followed by staff.

The Administrative Procedures Manual is the primary written document by which the Superintendent of Schools directs staff. The Administrative Procedures Manual is consistent with the language and expectations of the Board Policy Handbook.