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Any school closures will be announced by email to the school community. Additional information can be found in the Jan 6th district email to parents and guardians and from your child's school. Please monitor your email regularly.

Saanich Schools Virtual Graduation Ceremonies 2021

Saanich Schools honours the graduating class with a virtual ceremony

Stelly's Virtual Grad
June 29th at 6:00 pm

Broadcast live on YouTube -- Watch Now

Simulcast on Shaw) Spotlight
Channel 4 – Blue Curve channel 105


Graduation Program (pdf)

Saanich School District’s Weeks of Celebration for the Graduating Class of 2021

The Saanich School District, in association with Roll Focus, and Shaw Cable, is proud to announce the viewing dates for the upcoming Virtual Graduation Ceremonies, celebrating the achievements of our Class of 2021.   To acknowledge this important milestone, Saanich Schools will be hosting the release of the video ceremonies on each of the following dates and times next week:

Individual Learning Centre

Thursday June 17th at 4:30 pm


Shaw) Spotlight Channel 4/Blue Curve 105

Indigenous Graduation Ceremony

Wednesday June 23rd at 6:00 pm


Shaw) Spotlight Channel 4/Blue Curve 105

Parkland Secondary School

Friday June 25th at 7:00 pm


Shaw) Spotlight Channel 4/Blue Curve 105

Claremont Secondary School

Tuesday June 29th at 6:00 pm


Shaw) Spotlight Channel 4/Blue Curve 105

Stelly’s Secondary School

Wednesday June 30th at 6:00 pm


Shaw) Spotlight Channel 4/Blue Curve 105

The grad videos will be hosted live on Youtube, accessible through the district website along with a download link so you can save the event as a keepsake. The district will keep the video available as a stream until mid-July. As another option, Shaw Cable will be simultaneously broadcasting the graduation videos on their network. This is an exciting alternative for families to view and PVR the ceremony as well.

To download a video above, right click the [Download] text and click Save Link As... or Save Target As... depending on which browser you're using.


Additional Broadcasts

All Saanich Schools Graduation Ceremonies will be simulcast on YouTube and Shaw) TV. There will also be two additional broadcasts for each grad.

Individual Learning Centre Graduation

Thu June 17 -  4:30pm
Fri June 18th – 5:30pm
Sat June 19th – 1pm

Indigenous Education Graduation Video

Wed June 23rd – 4:30pm
Thu June 24th – 6pm
Fri June 25th – 9pm

Parkland Secondary School Graduation Video

Fri June 25th – 7pm
Sat June 26th – noon
Sun June 27th – 6pm

Claremont Secondary School Graduation Video

Tue June 29th – 6pm
Wed June 30th – 8:30pm
Thu July 1st – noon

Stelly’s Secondary School Graduation Video

Wed June 30th – 6pm
Thu July 1st – 8pm
Fri July 2nd – noon