CUPE Job Description Manual

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Job # Position Classification
2 Bus Driver Physical Plant
3 Canteen Coordinator School Support Worker
5 Computer Lab Assistant School Support Worker
7 District Data Services Coordinator Clerical
8 Computer Systems Technical Assistant School Support Worker
9 Custodian Physical Plant
10 Distance Education Administrative Assistant Clerical
11 Distance Education Elementary Secretary Clerical
15 Distance Education Secretary Clerical
18 District Courier Physical Plant
19 District Custodial Supervisor Physical Plant
20 District Executive Assistant Clerical
21 Payroll Specialist Clerical
23 District Secretary Clerical
27 School Accounts/Secretary Clerical
28 Lead/Day Custodian Physical Plant
29 Head Custodian Physical Plant
30 Food Services Assistant School Support Worker
31 Food Services Business Assistant Clerical
32 Maintenance Technician Physical Plant