Canada's Greenest IT

We are very proud to announce that the Saanich School District was a finalist in Canada's Greenest IT. We have shown that you don't have to compromise functionality while reducing energy, green house gases (GHG) and our carbon footprint. Saanich is utilizing an open source solution which uses a Linux server at each school and very energy efficient diskless clients for our desktops.

Our New Board of Education - Welcome

We are delighted as a school district and as a learning community to commit our support to the new Board of Education for School District 63 (Saanich):

Consideration of Moving Recess Delayed

At its inaugural meeting of December 5, 2011 the Board of Education discussed a report from the superintendent that proposed a move of recess to the end of each day. This move would be to create efficiencies around supervision schedules of district management staff who are required to do supervision as a result of teachers being on strike. With a number of valid concerns being raised by parents it became evident that if this move is to occur it should only be after further deliberation by the board. As such the board passed a motion to deploy additional non-union staff to supervision duties (speech and language pathologists, psychologists and First Nations assistants) and review the supervision issue at the public board meeting of January 18, 2012.

Public Feedback Request for North Saanich Middle School

On the right sidebar, please find the questionnaire regarding North Saanich Middle School.
Also, please click here for the Open House Boards from the November 30 open house.

Canada's Greenest IT

The second annual Quest for Canada's Smartest IT campaign in association with Info-Tech Research Group announced the winners of the 2011 Smartest and Greenest IT departments in Canada. We are pleased to say that School District No. 63 (Saanich) was a finalist in this prestigious event. Through the hard work of our IT department and district Energy Manager SD63 has achieved significant savings in money, energy and reduced Green House Gases and our Carbon footprint.

Welcome to Our New Board of Education

We are delighted as a school district and as a learning community to welcome the seven trustees who have been elected as the new Board of Education for School District 63 Saanich.  Our thanks go to everyone who expressed an interest in running and to all of those who did, as well as to our exiting board for its leadership and advocacy for public education over the past three years. 
Our incoming Board members are:
Barb Menzies and Jim Standen elected in the North Saanich zone

November 2011 Newsletter

In this issue of the Superintendent's Newsletter:

  • Trustee Elections - A Changing Board of Education
  • Thanks Joan, Welcome Monica
  • November Report Cards and Teacher Job Action
  • Early Learning