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November/December Newsletter

What's new in the Saanich School District

Students: New online tool for reporting bullying

The Province of British Columbia has set up a safe anonymous way for students to report bullying. School Counsellors will review these reports and do everything possible to find a solution.

The Institute for Global Solutions

The Institute for Global Solutions, a first in British Columbia, is more than an academic offering. It's an entirely new way of thinking.

The IGS, which launched in September 2012 at Claremont Secondary School, is an innovative program intended to encourage students to explore pressing global challenges. The project-based curriculum is designed to equip students with tools and experiences to address the unprecedented environmental and humanitarian challenges of the 21st century, from poverty reduction to climate change and urbanization to sustainable energy.

Innovation and 21st Century Learning in Saanich

2012-2013 is a very exciting year for the Saanich School District. With funds provided by the government in its roll-out of the recently announced BC Education Plan, we have established an Innovation Team whose responsibility it will be to enable, support and share innovative practices and personalized learning throughout the district.

School District No 63 wins CRD EcoStar 2012 Award for Climate Action - Non-Profit

The Capital Regional District (CRD) EcoStar Climate Action Award - Non-Profit

Climate change demands a whole new approach to the way we live and do business in the Capital Region. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and focusing on future-friendly policies, programs and technologies is vital for healthy and vibrant and resilient communities.

September Newsletter

Welcome back, everyone! Please read the newsletter for September 2012.