This message is to inform parents that rotating strikes are occurring again throughout BC next week with Saanich affected on Friday June 13. As well, the BCTF is holding a province-wide vote early in the week to decide whether or not to escalate to Stage 3 strike action. Stage 3 involves additional strike days up to a full shutdown of schools. We are aware that the current uncertainty is causing disruption for families and are hoping for a resolution as soon as possible. We encourage you to keep informed through news media and this website.

Message to Parents from Superintendent of Schools, Nancy Macdonald:

A student walkout is being promoted for the morning of Wednesday, June 4. The district respects the desire of students to express their views regarding the current labour situation but the proposed walkout raises a number of concerns particularly with regard to student safety.

We want to ensure parents are aware of the proposed walkout and are advising that any walkout activities are not sanctioned by the district or schools. As a result, parents should also know that:  

BCTF Rotating Strikes Continue

This message is to provide parents notice that on Monday, June 2, Saanich School District schools will again be behind picket lines. Parents are strongly encouraged to keep children at home. There will be no bus transportation on Monday. Classes will resume on Tuesday June 3 and will continue for the rest of the week. We apologize for this inconvenience and will keep you updated as the days progress. Bargaining continues between teachers and the employers'; association this week and we encourage you to follow the news about any potential settlement over the next few days and weeks.

Information for Parents during BCTF Strike Action

Parents, students, teachers and administrators all want to see a negotiated settlement reached with the BCTF leadership. Unfortunately, negotiations sometimes require that the parties use the available labour relations tools, such as strikes and lockouts, to help reach an agreement. The attached information clarifies what the union's strike and the employer's response to the strike might mean to parents and students.

Partial Teacher Lockout Starting May 26

As parents are aware, teachers are staging a one day strike on Tuesday, May 27. As a result of this action, the BC Public Schools Employers' Association has implemented a partial lockout of teachers starting Monday, May 26 that will have some effect on schools in the upcoming days. The lockout does not affect the instructional day and extra-curricular activities may occur as usual.

Teachers' Strike, Tuesday, May 27th

Over the last few months, teachers in British Columbia have been engaged in negotiations with the BC Public Schools Employers’ Association (the bargaining agent for government), for a new contract of employment. The parties have not been able to come to an agreement on a number of issues, including salaries and class size and composition.

Library to Learning Commons

The Saanich School District (No. 63) is transforming their traditional library spaces to a Learning Commons model.  These innovative changes to the physical and digital space, resources, and staffing are transforming learning, teaching, collaboration and professional-development for students and staff in our schools.  Check out the video below.