A Bit Late, But a Stellar Start

To the credit of our staff, students and parents, Saanich schools are flying. I've had the chance to visit all of our schools and have seen students focused and engaged in ways that normally would take a couple of weeks to become evident. Students have clearly been chomping at the bit, and they appear to be happy to be back. The same can be said of our teachers and support staff, and our administrators, having been in and working hard to get things ready, should be proud of the work that they have done to prepare schools for the rapid re-start.

Welcome Back!

We are delighted to be preparing for Monday September 22 as the first day of school. Our thanks go out to our teachers, support staff, administrators, parents and community partners for getting us through some difficult times to a place where we can look forward with optimism to another great year in Saanich.

Our first few days will be as described below. For greater detail and clarity please check your school's website.

Tentative Deal with Teachers - Announcement to Come re First Day Back

No matter what the weather holds, Tuesday, September 16th has dawned as a beautiful day. Mediator Vince Ready has announced that the BCTF and BCPSEA have reached a tentative deal, meaning that school can restart soon. We are all sorry that there has been a delay, but we can also appreciate the hard work of both parties as they struggled through the processes enabled by the labour code. The greatest struggle, of course, has been for students, families and our teaching staff, and we can't wait to have you all back in the same place doing what you love to do . . . learning and teaching.

Superintendent's Update September 12

Strike Update

As you know, the strike has run through September 12 and is likely to continue into the week of September 15. Our trustees and management staff are acutely aware of the challenges that this creates for students, parents and all of our unionized staff who we know want nothing more than to be back working with children and families. As district and school management staff we are focused on three things:

Week of September 8th - Update

As of Monday, September 8th, we are unfortunately finding ourselves in the same position as last week. The BCTF and government remain at impasse in bargaining and our teachers therefore continue on the picket lines while we all continue to hope that a resolution can be found. In the meantime, we urge parents and other citizens to be stay up to date with current information via the media and the parties' web sites: www.bctf.ca and www.bcpsea.bc.ca.