Policy 1100 Parent Involvement Meeting

Please join us for the annual POLICY 1100 PARENT INVOLVEMENT MEETING All parents are welcome to join members of the Parent Advisory Council executives along with district executive, administrators, trustees and partner group representatives for our annual parent involvement meeting. This meeting, as described in Board Policy 1100 - Parent Involvement, occurs every fall so that we can review district and ministry directions and the key role of parents and PACs.

Date: Monday, November 2, 2015
Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Location: Bayside Middle School

Grade 4/5 Collaborative Inquiry and Museum Project at Brentwood Elementary

The Intermediate team at Brentwood Elementary decided to collaborate on a Social Studies Inquiry Project. To be honest, none of the six teachers involved had any idea at that time about how large the project would become, how challenging and time consuming it would be, and how transformative it would be to our teaching practice and the lives of our students.

Where to from here? BC's Graduation Program

Cordova Bay Elementary School and Parkland Secondary School Seismic Project Agreements

The Board is pleased to announce that the district has entered into a project agreement to commence a seismic upgrade on Cordova Bay Elementary School. Additionally, the Board is also pleased report that the seismic work at Parkland Secondary School that was approved in January 2015 is well underway.

We are excited to be moving forward with these projects. These upgrades are a key part to ensuring the safety and security of our children, employees, and assets through increased resistance to seismic activity.

Flipped Learning in SD63

Melanie Paas and Michelle Shuck, two biology teachers at Claremont Secondary, have embraced using flipped classroom methods to support teaching and learning in their classrooms. Flipped Learning, which has also been called inverted learning and reverse instruction, is a means for them to shift from a traditional lecture-based, teacher-centered course to an interactive, discussion-based course where the teacher is a guide on the side.