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Welcome to Learning Services

19 February 2014
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Learning Services represents a broad range of support for student learning in Saanich Schools.  Learning Services provides a wide range of programs and supports that enhance learning for our elementary schools, Indigenous learners,and students with special needs. 
Our work is guided by three sets of core beliefs described in the Principles of Learning, the Principles of Inclusive Schools, and the First People Principles of Learning.  Through these principles we acknowledge and support the diverse range of abilities that our students bring with them.
Through a range of services we work together with students, their families and the professionals in our schools to provide high quality learning opportunities for all students.  Learning Services provides for the development of the "fully enabled learner"; one who feels a sense of belonging, competence, and self-direction.
The Saanich team is comprised of highly competent and caring professionals.  The services described on our web site provide an indication of the range of resources available.